...One of the reasons I've worked so hard on my career - I can have enough security in my life...
In this section you'll find biographical facts about Claudia and news and some interesting photos to download :)

last updated 20th June 2004
I've seen a lot of pages and sites dedicated to Claudia Schiffer going through Internet... Every page contain photo gallery where you can see only a part of Claudia's pictures.
And I've decided to create another one page - in the photo gallery present all of her pics, but in small size! I only want to know how many shoots did she do, when, for which designer, from which magazine are they and so on? Hope you understand what I mean :))
So here I present my complete collection. It contains near 5000 pictures but I also have some not scanned pics (hope to do it soon). I update this section not quickly - it takes a lot time to create index files, but be patient - sometimes I'll finish it! ;)

last updated 25th June 2004
Here you'll find complete Claudia's filmography: year, title and her part of the movie :) And, of course, some pictures to download ;))

last updated 10th June 2004
And this section contains my favourite links, only a few, but the best for my taste :) As you can suspect, there some interesting pictures to download ;))

last updated 14th October 2001
And something special, new one!!!
I've created winamp skin in style of this site!
You can download it now!

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